VPN 360 - Free VPN Proxy for iPhone and iPad help and info

  • What is VPN 360?

    This software is known as a virtual private network. You will be able to protect your IP address as well as your personal information from prying eyes. VPN servers are often used to download media and to share files with other users.

  • How can VPN 360 protect my personal information?

    Virtual private networks represent a means to block your IP address. Therefore, third-party providers will not be able to target you with spam, cookies and similar types of tracking software. VPNs are often used to download files that would otherwise be restricted within a specific region.

  • Is VPN 360 safe for me to download?

    This VPN package is highly respected and as it offers cross-platform compatibility, threats should not be present within its architecture. Softonic performs further safety checks before providing this download to user.

  • What devices can work together with VPN 360?

    This program is intended to work with iPhones and iPads. However, there are also specific versions which can be downloaded for Android operating systems if required.

  • Are there any alternatives to VPN 360?

    There may be instances when your operating system is unable to work with this program. In such an event, it is a good idea to browse through the "alternatives" section found immediately below the main Softonic download link. You can thereafter examine your options in greater detail.

  • Is VPN 360 free to install on my system?

    As opposed to some other VPN proxy programs, you will not be charged during the download process. However, there may be instances when you are presented with in-app purchases. These purchases will offer enhanced features and similar (optional) benefits.

  • Are there premium versions of VPN 360 available?

    In the event that you are looking to supplement the tools found within the standard version, a premium bundle is available. This variant may be associated with quicker connection times and higher download speeds. There are flexible pricing packages based upon your needs.

  • Is VPN 360 a legal program?

    It is important to keep in mind that in and of themselves, VPN proxy servers are completely legal to use. However, it is your responsibility to make certain that no illegal information or files are downloaded. This is also why you should only interact with trusted websites after connecting to this program.

  • Will VPN 360 collect my personal information?

    The developers of this software will never give your information to any other third parties under normal conditions. The only instance when this would not be the case is if a court order was involved. During such a situation, the company would have no other choice than to comply with such a request.

  • Does VPN 360 use cookies?

    Like many other virtual private networks, this software will collect cookies from time to time. Cookies are often used to remember the preferences of the user as well as to present him or her with relevant offers based upon their past browsing habits. However, these details are never shared with other third-party firms.

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